Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vivienne Westwoods shoes come to the north!!!!!!!!!!!

Degree show! 2011

Thursday the 9th of june the opening day of our degree show!.
The day/night was brilliant and everyones work was amazing, I feel so proud of my three years at cleveland college and i have learnt so much, it is an excellent college and I have gained many skills over the years.
Good luck to everyone for the future! x

Friday, 15 April 2011

Preparing for degree show

Well im starting to get ideas for my degree show, I pinned my lengths on to mannequins to see what they would look like in my bay for the show, I think they would look great as maxi dresses... Im excited to get finished and get everything set up :).. abit scared aswell though. 

Digital and screen Printed designs

I Designed my Fabrics on Photoshop and then printed them so I can hand paint them using foils and also screen print in to them, some I want to keep as digital and some I am in the process of making Koda Traces for, cant wait for the finished result :)

Drawings for Final Major Project

Some quick drawings